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Daniel Rees Morgan

Do You Feel Like Something Is Missing From Your Life?

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Daniel Rees Morgan


I went through depression for 10 years of my life to the point where I felt like I wanted to cry all day, every day for no apparent reason. I was frustrated and confused. People thought I felt sorry for myself but the truth was, the only thing I felt sorry for myself about was that I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did. 


People Who Have Worked With Me Say..

Danielle Lynne

“I qualified as a counsellor 9 years ago and an NLP Life Coach almost two years ago. And guess what…..even coaches need a coach!

Recently I was struggling with my emotions…..something was holding me back and I couldn’t identify what it was. I’m so so grateful to Dan for taking the time to work with me……it took just one session and we ‘hit the nail on the head’!

You’re in safe hands with Dan, he’s a very talented and empathic guy who has your best interests at heart.

Thank you so much Dan, top Coach! “


Ant Parsons

“This chap is certainly someone in the know for guiding people onto a better direction than where they are currently heading with there lives, I personally feel Daniel has identified some key areas for myself that I was neglecting to focus on and take the steps to progress closer to what I want to achieve with my life. He not only took the time to help me but has also gone out of his way to send me some really excellent information for a family member which I know will be really beneficial. Anybody who is lucky enough to deal with Daniel I’m sure will completely understand. Very happy to have met him. After so much therapy, CBT etc I really feel like you have contributed massively to me really understanding way more and making myself better, you as well as myself really woke me up.”


Jon Brooks

“I have spent my life researching and experimenting and writing about a variety of powerful transformational modalities. What I look for when I meet any coach is their integrity, honesty, and ability to live their own teaching. When I’ve received coaching from Dan I see all the qualities a good coach should have. I feel listened to and understood, but also feel like I’m talking to someone who wants the best for me even if that means delving into some uncomfortable topics. I would recommend Dan to a friend or family member who wants to level up their life, and I can’t think of a better compliment.”