Fulfilment Coaching… What’s That About?

Do you sometimes feel like something’s missing from your life but can’t quite put your finger on what it is?

Have you achieved everything you set out to do and are still wondering when you’re going to feel content and fulfilled?

Do you sometimes ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions then I feel your pain because I’ve been there.

I spent 10 years of my life being deeply depressed, to the point of wanting to cry, all day, every day for no apparent reason and I didn’t even know why. That was the hardest part. Because if you know what’s wrong then you have a chance at fixing it, right? If you don’t, where do you go from there?

I’ve had the sleepless nights.

I’ve been confused.

I’ve had the relationships that won’t work.

I’ve felt worthless.

I’ve done jobs that I hate.

I’ve been terrified to approach an attractive woman.

I was an emotional train wreck – for a decade!

And there were times when I thought it would never change.

But as hard as it all was (and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy), it was worth it in the end. Tony Robbins say’s – “People change out of inspiration or desperation” and I was definitely the latter

All this confusion led me to have a burning desire to understand my life, to make sense of it all, to find out why I felt the way I did and what (if anything) I could do to change it.

So I’ve devoted my life to passionately studying all aspects of my inner world; emotions, self-esteem, passion/purpose, spirituality, mind-set, integrity, authenticity, leadership etc etc etc, the list goes on… and I loved every minute of it!

This means ten years of passionate study condensed into every call. You could say I have a PhD in personal development. (That would be so cool)

What can I support you with?


Find out what it really means to “just be yourself!”. Stop people pleasing! Love yourself and allow yourself to be the real you! You’ll never be fulfilled until you do!

Attract your true love 

Is it possible to have an authentic relationship if you’re not really being yourself?

Find your purpose and passion in life 

When you’re being authentic and honest with yourself your purpose and passion become clear. How much more fulfilling will your life be when there’s no such thing as “work”? And every day is as passionate and fulfilling as you make it!

Attract your “tribe” 

How would it feel to be surrounded by people who share your passion and really “get you”?

True, lasting fulfilment 

Not just the instant ego gratification that comes with getting something you wanted but the deep, lasting satisfaction that comes from being you!… The best version of you! The person you always wanted to be!

Okay, enough about me, let’s talk about you…

Is fulfilment coaching right for you?

These are some of the characteristics of the people who I work with:

Who I love to work with:

People who are hungry for change.

People who love to learn and grow.

People who are dedicated to developing themselves; whether it be through a sport, health and fitness, in your career or a relationship, I will need you to assure me that we’re not going to be wasting our time together.

People who have inspiring goals – If your goals aren’t inspiring then why would you take action? Don’t worry, I can help you with this!

People who are a force for good – I only work with good people who are doing good things.

People who are a positive influence – even if it’s just for your friends, family, children, employees or the woman at the post office. I want to know that our work together is having a ripple effect of positivity throughout the world.

People who are willing to try new things and do things differently. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

People who are willing to invest in themselves – My coaching costs much more than money. You’ll need to put in the time and effort necessary to become the person you want to be. 

People who are willing to get outside their comfort zone.

Most of all, I love to work with people who are a direct positive influence in the world. People who help people. Coaches, councillors, therapists, teachers, entrepreneurs etc – You guys inspire me. Lets change the world together!

Who I don’t work with:

People who are all talk and no action – I’m not here to waste time.

People who are out to seek revenge or to bring any kind of pain into this world

People who are looking for a “magic pill”- with transformation comes growth pains.

People who are not ready to take responsibility for their lives.

People who are “perfect” and not willing to admit that they can improve.

People who are in the “maybe” phase – It’s either a “hell YES” or a “hell NO”.

Still reading? Then you’re in the top 10%. You’re one of the few who do verses the many who dream. So maybe we’re a great fit. Although, coaching spots are available by invitation only, so lets talk! This will need to be a “hell YES” for the both of us.

“So what?”

You might be thinking “why should I be concerned about fulfilment? I’ve got more important things to worry about”

What to expect from coaching:

Destroy limiting beliefs – and create a powerful mind-set.

Create the habits that’ll get you to where you wanna be.

Build momentum so that the impossible becomes a reality. 

Uncover what has been holding you back.

Build emotional resilience – put your favourite emotions on autopilot.

Strengthen your self-esteem.

Align your values with your goals – so you’re being pulled towards them like a magnet.

Track your progress – see, hear and feel your growth every step of the way.

Although, I’m not going to pretend that this will be easy. 

This will require you to:

Step outside your comfort zone – and into the growth zone.

Take responsibility for your life and the actions that have led you to where you are today.

Be willing to take a look at some aspects of yourself that you may find uncomfortable.

Be honest with me and most importantly with yourself.

The Packages

One off session

No time limit – We focus on results, not time!

Video and audio of session to listen or watch back at any time. 

On-going email support after session.


Breakthrough Session

We take your vision of the future and map out the steps necessary to get you where you want to be. 

Seek and Destroy! – The barriers that have been holding you back.

We put the habits in place so the process becomes automatic.

Create clarity! Around your next move.

Align your values with your goals.

Destroy disempowering beliefs and create the mindset you need.

Video and audio download to listen back any time to you want

On-going email support afterwards.


Three month intensive: 10 sessions

Package tailored personally to your goals

Weekly or fortnightly calls to check in, be held accountable, work through any barriers, destroy limiting beliefs and keep your energy and momentum high

I don’t limit a session to 1hr – we get the job done! It may take 2hrs or more. It may take less

Unlimited coaching – message me personally as much and as often as you like between calls

Audio and video recording for you to watch or listen back to the sessions whenever you choose

Track your progress – see, hear and feel the growth

Included in program:

Mind programming hypnotherapy recording, tailored personally to you – yours to keep! – Value £50

Breakthrough Session  – Value £200

Walk and Talk – 2-3 hours of coaching while exploring the beautiful countryside of South Wales – waterfalls, mountains, caves and world class beaches – Value £250

TimeLine Therapy – Remove all emotional baggage and set youself free from the past with this revolutionary therapy – Value £600 (must be done in person)

30 day money back guarantee

Monthly instalments available


Six months: 10 sessions

As above, spread over 6 months.