Daniel Rees Morgan

My Story

My journey into personal development and why I became a coach
So why am I so obsessed with personal development and optimising my life?

I went through depression for 10 years of my life to the point where I felt like I wanted to cry all day, every day for no apparent reason. I was frustrated and confused. People thought I felt sorry for myself but the truth was, the only thing I felt sorry for myself about was that I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did. 

But as Tony Robbins says, confusion precedes a breakthrough, and my confusion led me to my biggest passion in life. It led me to personal development. It started with me just wanting to understand my own life and feel better but I quickly became obsessed. As the days, weeks, months and years passed by and I could feel myself becoming stronger, mentally and emotionally, I could see that this stuff works and I thought to myself, “Why stop here, what else can I achieve?”. I become “a philosopher”, a lover of wisdom. 

I’ve now come to understand why I felt the way I did, after many years of reflection and personal development and it’s become a core part of my teaching as a coach – authenticity. I wasn’t being myself. In fact, I was trying hard to be anything but myself because deep down I had a belief that I wasn’t good enough. I felt that I had to be something better than I was. A feeling that I’m sure many people will resonate with. So like a boy on the playground who’s ashamed of showing his attraction towards a girl, for instance, I would push down my true feelings and put on bravado and ego, always comparing myself to others and trying to be like the people I perceived as being popular, never really having my own identity and only feeling “worthy” when I had some social recognition; people laughing at my jokes, or liking me. Although it wasn’t really me they liked. It was my false made up self that I thought people would like more. Except deep down I didn’t even like myself.

I always say that your self-esteem is your reputation with yourself. Think of it like taking a little child around with you everywhere you go. This child is you. It’s your unconscious mind. And every time you act or say something, this child is watching and listening. And when you say something that’s out of alignment with your values and who you really are, this kid is looking up and asking “why are you lying about me? Am I not good enough? Is truth about me not good enough?” How do you think that child is going to feel about that? And this is what we’re doing to ourselves every day when we don’t allow ourselves to be seen. When we hide our feelings, our thoughts, our desires, our goals. 

Stop playing the victim and telling yourself that you don’t feel worthy because of your upbringing or your ex partner. Its time to take control of your emotional well being, your worthiness and your life. You may not be to blame for the past but you are responsible to take control of your own life now. Its time to take action.