I qualified as a counsellor 9 years ago and an NLP Life Coach almost two years ago. And guess what.....even coaches need a coach! Recently I was struggling with my emotions.....something was holding me back and I couldn’t identify what it was. I’m so so grateful to Dan for taking the time to work with me......it took just one session and we ‘hit the nail on the head’! You’re in safe hands with Dan, he’s a very talented and empathic guy who has your best interests at heart. Thank you so much Dan, top Coach!
Danielle Lynne
WellBeing Coach
This chap is certainly someone in the know for guiding people onto a better direction than where they are currently heading with there lives, I personally feel Daniel has identified some key areas for myself that I was neglecting to focus on and take the steps to progress closer to what I want to achieve with my life. He not only took the time to help me but has also gone out of his way to send me some really excellent information for a family member which I know will be really beneficial. Anybody who is lucky enough to deal with Daniel I'm sure will completely understand. Very happy to have met him. After so much therapy, CBT etc I really feel like you have contributed massively to me really understanding way more and making myself better, you as well as myself really woke me up.
Ant Parsons
Had an amazing call with Daniel Rees Morgan and I feel so much clearer now after our chat. Sometimes we really can't see the picture because we're the ones in the frame but Daniel helped me to see what I needed to do to move forward in my own coaching career... Thank you so much xx
Vicky McClenn
Intuitive Life Coach
I had 3 wonderful coaching sessions with Daniel Rees Morgan. He has a wealth of knowledge in personal development, confidence building and authenticity coaching. He is a great coach and is super good at listening and encouraging you to go for your goals. During our sessions he shared with me some awesome insights into what I needed to do and who I need to be to get the results I wanted. He also brought to my attention some of the attitudes and behaviors that were holding me back. Our sessions helped me gain clarity on what is important to me and Dan encouraged me to stay focused on achieving these goals. I found our sessions inspiring and motivating. What I found especially valuable is his guidance on how to be more authentic and true to myself. And the more authentic I am the more confident and happy I feel. He also helped me gain clarity on some of the current challenges that I am facing and gave me excellent tips on goal setting and action steps to move forward. Thanks a ton Dan for your guidance with goal setting and authenticity awareness!!! I feel confident and excited about moving towards my goals.
Priya Anand
I’m literally blown away... Since the end of last year I’ve been embarking on a self-development journey, investing in myself to be the best version of ME. I’ve just spent what I can only say as a power hour on a zoom call with this man, who’s a Authenticity & Fulfillment Coach.. We did a exercise on paper which really resonated with me, I became emotional, part of the process I had to go through. Daniel was very supportive and explained the reasoning behind my emotions.. I’m excited to put the exercise into practise using the tools Daniel gave me. He really explained the process in a way it was easy for me to understand I even had a lightbulb moment (powerful)!! 💫💜 In that hour he gave me valuable information in respect to authenticity and I now have such a clear understanding of how to become more authentic.. That was only one call! I’m excited for what’s ahead and if your curious to know more, then feel free to follow Daniel.. I’m feeling lots of love & gratitude right now for that I thank you.. This man knows his stuff 🙌🏻💫💜 Time to take action 💪🏻🤛🏻👌🏻💜
Sanz Buchan
Self Employed
Another great coaching call with Daniel Rees Morgan, What an amazing fulfilment coach he is... 🙌🏽 During our session he was very authentic and each session was different that got me to get where I needed to be to move forward. 🏃🏼♀️ He's very knowledgeable and understanding about a lot of stuff, specially when it comes to self development and digging deep. 🙌🏽 Great guy with great energy... Thank you Dan for guidance on my journey.. 💜
Laura Griffith
Owner and Founder at Good Life
"I have spend my life researching and experimenting and writing about a variety of powerful transformational modalities. What I look for when I meet any coach is their integrity, honesty, and ability to live their own teaching. When I've received coaching from Dan I see all the qualities a good coach should have. I feel listened to and understood, but also feel like I'm talking to someone who wants the best for me even if that means delving into some uncomfortable topics. I would recommend Dan to a friend or family member who wants to level up their life, and I can't think of a better compliment."
Jon Brooks
Content director at Highexistence.com
I’m in the process of setting up a new business venture. I choose to work with Dan as I believed he would allow me to join the dots between where I am at presently in my life and where I need to be to ensure my venture is successful. During one to one coaching, Dan was quickly able to identify potential barriers to my success. Skilfully and with great understanding, Dan got me to address each of these barriers and together we formed a plan. With Dan’s help I genuinely feel I could conquer anything. He’s enabled me to really value myself and truly understand what motivates me. It’s safe to say, Dan has made a significant contribution to my personal self esteem and my business success.
Dan Stanley
Man Coach
I took a walk with Dan whilst I told him my terror for public speaking after being massively rejected in the past... and, honestly, I am a coach myself but I felt trapped "in the game" and I did not really believe that anybody could help me and I thought I would have to face it with all the horrible emotionality... BUT he said something totally unexpected and I realised that at that moment I KNEW that he had just tranceformed me into a different persona, that persona who is an outsdanding public speaker and really owns the stage and enjoy!! Two nights later I found myself recording a video out of my own initiative which I know I would have never done it as I am always pushed by my business partner to record videos and now, thanks to Dan, I have a project of a series of videos and I've been invited to do my first public speaking and I CAN´T WAIT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYBODY!
Rebecca Perea
Relationship Coach
Just wanted to say thankyou again, I am having so many realisations from our chat and implenting greater belief in myself has already shown results, even with the children! Amazing! I am making notes and feeling good about making changes. I feel like I can see that all my issues, or many, come under the same category, and now I see that I feel I am better equipped to fix it! It's fantastic!
Amy David
Fashion Designer